Singer Porsche 911 Mulholland honors the California coastal road

Singer Vehicle Design will return to the Goodwood Festival of Speed next month with a special Porsche 911-based build.

Based on the company's goal to completely reimagine the classic German sports car, the Singer 911 Mulholland, based on a 1991 Porsche 911, was created in the spirit of the iconic coastal California road. Finished in Blueblood Light with special graphics, it looks downright lovely. Singer said the commission was passed on to its "Special Wishes" department. The division is responsible for helping customers make nearly every wish and desire come to life. In this case, the special graphics were a big part of the customer's special wishes.

The graphics trace the Mulholland highway in orange with gray portions complimenting the design. The work is also meant to highlight the "celebration of the unadulterated, analog, driving experience." Other highlights include the "frog" lights on the hood, raised rear wing, and track seats. The interior is black and does feature air conditioning, but a stereo is absent. Who needs music when there's an air-cooled 4.0-liter flat-6 engine sitting behind the driver? Power is sent to a 6-speed manual transmission and stopping power comes thanks to ceramic brakes.

Although The Singer 911 Mulholland is the star of the show, the company plans to bring two other vehicles. The 1990 Singer 911 Sussex is yet another commissioned build to creat the ultimate discreet gentleman's car. Finished in Attack Gray with ghost stripes, it's less flamboyant than the Mulholland, but just as wonderful to look at. The final car is the Dynamics and Lightweight Study, which Singer showed in 2018. It will also tackle the hill climb event, too.

All three cars will be on display next week when the Festival of Speed opens on July 4.