Bentley to build 12 Speed Six models from 1929 in new continuation series

Bentley isn't done reviving classics as continuation cars.

On Friday, Bentley announced at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed it will build 12 new examples of the Speed Six. For those at home keeping track, this is the second pre-war car to be remade as part of its continuation series.

Set to be identical re-creations of the cars that won Le Mans in 1929 and 1930, the new Speed Six models will be powered by a 6.5-liter inline-6 with 200 hp. The top speed? A wild 125 mph.

Bentley said the Speed Six was a pivotal car for the automaker as it was one of the most successful race cars the automaker created in that era.

Each of the 12 continuation cars will be hand-built by the team of Mulliner specialists. This is the same team responsible for re-creating the 1929 Team Blower for a 12-car continuation series.

Using the original blueprints and detailed analysis of the original cars, including two original Speed Six cars for reference, the team created a complete 3D CAD model of the Speed Six.

The parts used to build the Speed Six cars will be identical to those used on the original cars, and Bentley noted in many cases the parts will be created using the same techniques as in the 1920s.

All 12 cars have been reserved for $1.5 million Euros (approximately $1.5 million dollars at current exchange rates). Bentley Chairman and Chief Executive, Adrian Hallmark, said the owners of the Speed Six continuation cars "will be able to race their cars around the world to relive the exploits of the original Bentley Boys."

Bentley plans to build the first new Speed Six in 92 years later this year as an engineering test and development vehicle for the project. It will be dubbed Speed Six Car Zero and owned by Bentley, joining Blower Car Zero in the automaker's collection.


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