Ford Goes Vinyl With Custom Mustang, F-150 Graphics

Taking a page from MINI's book, Ford is rolling out a wide line of vinyl graphics options for its cars, starting with the F-150 and Mustang. While the individualization is no doubt a welcome addition to many buyers, the curiously titled press release has us wondering exactly who they perceive as the target for the wraps.

Bubbles, flowers, and flames--that's the lead pitch on the new graphics from Ford. The graphics are designed specifically for each car, with the bubbles and flowers intended for the Fiesta set. Mustang and F-150 owners will get a more brawny set of designs to choose from.

The Ford graphics differ from MINI's personlization vinyl in that MINI owners can create their own custom graphics from nearly any photo or design they create. Ford will instead offer a library of designs, up to 50 for each vehicle.

The program was launched last November for the Fiesta, well ahead of the vehicle's launch, to build hype for the coming car. Now the wider roll-out is beginning, soon to envelope every car in Ford's lineup. We're looking forward to seeing what the Flex gets.

[Ford Custom Graphics]