Not all Ford dealers will be able to service the GT

Ford's whizz-bang technological breakthrough GT may be too complicated for the automaker to train all of its dealers to service, according to newly leaked documents. 

Intended only for the automaker's retailers, the documents posted to reveal that Ford dealers will need to meet a number of extensive requirements to service what is undoubtedly the most complicated vehicle to ever wear the blue oval.

Dealers will need to be prepared to spend about $30,000 on special equipment if they want to be certified for GT service.

Here's a look at some of the requirements:

Only select dealers will be certified to service the GT. Since only 500 are set to be built during the first two years of production, it is safe to assume that just a few of the automaker's more than 3,000 dealers in the United States will even seek GT certification.

Such a specific requirement to service a complicated vehicle is hardly uncommon for a mainstream automaker, however. Both Nissan and Dodge have made dealers make similar preparations to service the GT-R and Viper, respectively.