Hyundai’s new coupe caught uncovered

The new car will replace the current FWD Tiburon coupe but will feature a much more powerful V6 engine and possibly the new ‘Tau’ V8 powerplant for a flagship model. Rumors suggest a 2.0L Turbo engine with 215hp and of torque will get an incredibly good price of $19,900, while a 3.8L V6 with 300hp and would be priced higher at $25,990. It’s also suggested the car would get a limited slip diff and optional Brembo brakes.

As you can tell from the aggressive styling, Hyundai is clearly looking to succeed with this coupe where the Tiburon could not. As a company looking to move up in the world, Hyundai is doing a great job styling its new products such as this and the upcoming large Genesis sedan. It’s still likely, however, that Hyundai will use a different badge for the new coupe, just as it did with the Tiburon.